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Tactical Threads

"Tactical Threads brings decades of knowledge and experience, forming a brand that you can depend on for the latest in innovative launched in February 2020. With the aim to be your new go-to workwear website, Tactical Threads offers a variety of workwear products for every trade. From high-spec safety jackets to essential work tops and hoodies, we have all you need to keep you warm, safe and stylish on the job."

The challenge was set by the Northern Fix team who I work with regularly as a make up artist - however this time I would be 'Making -up' the products!

The shoot had to look authentic and demonstrate the quality and performance of the Tactical threads collection to a variety of different trades. This meant, that the brand new, pristine garments, rather than the usual steam and press had to somehow look as though it had been worn time after time in the workplace. After lots of experiments including cement, plaster, paint, grease, and not to mention tons of dust and sawdust, as well as steaming all the items to look worn rather than brand new, this job was the total antithesis of your usual brand shoot, but the challenge was set!

Brand: Tactical Threads

Photography : David Short Photography

Production: Northern Fix


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