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Creative Character work Demonstration

As part of my teaching on a BA Media Make up and SPFX course, one of my aims is to inspire students to enter competitions , to help them to showcase their work. Competition work can be intimidating , but by breaking down the process and demonstrating creative techniques as well as shortcuts and tips, I hoped to make the whole process more achievable. The theme for this event was "Alexander McQueen" - a fabulous choice for research and exploration. Taking simple inspirational elements from McQueens work such as the natural world, dark drama, and exaggerated feminine form, simple sketches and designs were developed as well as swatches of suitable products, techniques, fabrics and materials. Techniques used included body painting using brush, sponge, airbrush and spray, stencilling, use of slitter and adornment, lashes, incorporating false hair, hair padding.

3 students went on to enter the competition at Olympia , London and were placed at the event.


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