Thin strip 2My commercial work has covered a wide range of concepts, from everyday¬† hair and make-up for regular commercial projects, through to more creatively challenging work, including current fashion hair and make up design for clients such as clothing brands and hairdressers. Photographic projects are especially enjoyable for me as I love to be involved, and these projects sometimes allow for me to help out with clothes or set styling, which adds even more variety and creativity to my work.I also have experience of working in the field of film and television working on soaps, documentaries, commercials and occasionally film. I am lucky enough to have friends and colleagues in these areas, who call on me for ‘daily’ work and shorter periods, which keeps my skills and product knowledge updated.

My career to date has no singular path and I really enjoy the variety and creativity that this brings. I really am happy to undertake any projects, however simple and stylish or more unusual. Please do contact me if you think I may be able to help with any of your future projects.


Thin strip 2