In the early 1990’s, at the start of my career, Bridal make up was seen as very simple and the ‘starting block’ for aspiring make up artists. However, over the years, as the industry has grown and we see more and more images of celebrities, old and new- from the black and white glamour of vintage Hollywood, to understated ‘boho’beach weddings right through to the full on drama of some modern day celebrities, and this has had a major impact on how we want to look on the happiest day of our lives. No longer is it enough ( or desireable)  to wear ‘a bit of pink’, rather, brides want the polish that we have seen so many others achieve. Whether natural or dramatic, brides want to look their very best. This has made this area so much more exciting for people such as myself as we can really help to create an individual look for every bride. Working with you, with as much or as little input as you want to have I can help you to create that perfect look for you.

The advantage to the bride and her party is that they do not have to visit a salon on the morning of the wedding, they can simply wake in the morning (if they have slept!) refresh themselves in the comfort of their own surroundings whether it be their home, parents home, hotel etc. and prepare for the day ahead in a (hopefully) relaxed atmosphere.

How it works..

If you are interested in the possibility of me helping you to achieve your perfect wedding look, if you begin by filling in the Enquiry form, and make sure you ask any questions that the site has not answered. If you should have specific ideas or want to discuss any aspect of hair or make-up please feel free to contact me by telephone if you find this easier.

I can hopefully then answer any questions and forward a quote to you.  Once you are happy, I can pencil the date for you so that it is secure.

the trial..

I tend to do trials @TheStudio at home. This allows the bride complete privacy and means that husbands to be are not banished to the upstairs and the bride does not have to talk in whispers about the plans. It also means that if something slightly unusual is asked for then all equipment/ products are to hand. You are welcome to bring bridesmaids, mums etc. as I know how important these decisions are and you may need that re-assurance. I will then begin by asking you lots of questions regarding the wedding – please don’t panic if you do not have any ideas, I am there to help you. On the other hand, if you have firm ideas, then I am happy to be directed by you. The only thing I ask, is that you are honest with me- I will never be offended if you want to change or alter something I have done- it is your wedding day and you must be happy!

When you are happy, I will record all of the products and photograph the look and make sure I have all of the details for the big day.

the big day….

The wedding day is much simpler -I will arrive at your home or venue at the agreed time with full kit in tow, and proceed to make you look your best in time for the ceremony. You can relax (!) and enjoy the mornings proceedings.