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polly colWelcome to my website. For those of you who are interested, just a bit of information about my work. If you would prefer to skip to the relevant section please choose Bridal or Commercial for more specific information.

I have worked as a freelance make up artist for nearly 18 years now. My journey over this time has been extremely varied, taking me through so many areas of the vast world of Make-up Artistry and Hairstyling. I have a very ‘open’ work ethic, meaning that in this kind of creative industry, I believe there are no real rules. I work with the individual client to try to achieve the best results. Sometimes this is purely Make -up, sometimes Make-up, hair, wigs, hair pieces and where necessary can spread into costume, styling and general improvisation for the best effect!

In the early years prior to becoming freelance I worked as a Beauty Therapist and Make up specialist for many of the large cosmetic companies, working on their latest promotions, demonstrations,training and events. During this time I built up relationships with many of the staff at these companies and am still friends with many of them. This is so handy in the world of cosmetics and make up as I always have access to true reviews of new products and what really works! Since then my career has mainly expanded into the photographic area of make up and I have undertaken editorial print work for varying publications, many advertising campaigns as well as day to day catalogue work. Throughout this time I have also developed styling skills for clothing, product and small set design.

My journey has also taken me to the world of T.V. and Film where I have experience of documentary, drama, film and, more regularly, due to the amount of photographic work that I do, commercials.

Live events have included fashion shows, music tours, theatre and even a stint in the circus!

As well as the day to day skills of general Hair and Make-up design, I am lucky enough to have been explore my creativity due to working on fashion projects and also creative fantasy work as well as working with costume and fancy dress. My technical skills include working with wigs, hair pieces and extensions, airbrush work for foundation and creative make-up.

I also offer a Bridal service to help to create that perfect look for your Big Day. See more on my Bridal page.

Over the years I have become more involved in the teaching and training of budding make up artists. This began as working one day a week on a vocational course at a local college. Now, with the growth in the industry, there are now opportunities for students to obtain a degree in the field of Media Make up and I have recently been involved in the re-writing and validation of one of these. I also teach on this, covering the tuition of wigmaking, historical make up, make up for theatre, television and film, creative hair techniques as well as techniques for fashion, photographic and catwalk. As a course we work closely with large outside companies such as MAC, Illamasqua, Airbase, Skin by Sterex as well as providing students with work experience within the industry. This in turn, again ensures that, on a personal level,I am keeping up with new developments and trends within the industry.

I consider myself lucky to have had such a varied career so far – if you feel that I could help with any prospective projects, however simple or challenging, please get in touch.

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